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Let’s build a machine learning community

Publish your article as a guest post

If you are a blogger, writer or enthousiast: I’m opening up this blog for external authors. If you would like to write an article and publish it here, under your name as a guest author, feel free to contact me. This blog currently reaches about 6000 unique visitors per month which might give you the opportunity to grow your own audience.

To guarantuee the quality of each post, I will personally review and edit each contribution. Topics can be discussed but should be of technical nature and closely related to machine learning or signal processing.

Apologies and thanks

I started this blog in March 2014, just a few months before I finalized my PhD and started working at Sentiance. In the first weeks after launching this blog, I wrote six articles which were meant to lay out the fundamentals of what should have followed; an in-depth guide into the world of data science and machine learning.

Well, that never happened. Although I had some really cool ideas for the next 50 articles or so, I haven’t added a single article in the last one and a half year. And the reason for that is simply that I don’t have the time for it anymore. In the past, I probably spent about a day or two on every article; checking the math, writing the code, designing the graphics, and writing the text. And after that I tried to respond to comments as soon as possible. Until it all started to become too much of a full-time job…

I strongly belief that there is only one way to accomplish your goals: go for it, give it everything you have, and don’t rest untill you’ve reached them. However, that also means that, until I’ve reached my current goal, I won’t have time to write new blog posts. And my current goal is not to become a full-time blogger, but to help Sentiance change the world.

At Sentiance we are aiming to become the one company that comes to mind when people talk about ‘context awareness’. We’ve made some great progress over the last year and have recently attracted a series B investment round, led by Samsung’s Catalyst fund.

I’ve been receiving a lot of e-mails from all of you, with encouragements, feedback and personal stories. Now the time has come for me to thank you all for your support and input, and to appologize for not continuing my journey. Without my readers, this blog would not have been much of a blog in the first place.

Some numbers

Despite the lack of new content, this blog still gets about 11.000 page views per month, originating from about 6.000 users, visiting these pages in about 8.000 sessions every month.

Google Analytics

Google analytics: Montly visitors statistics for November 2015

About 30% of my users are returning visitors. Almost 80% of you are led to this blog by organic search, mostly using Google. The two most popular articles, receiving 50% of the page views, are “How to draw a covariance error ellipse?” and “A geometric interpretation of the covariance matrix”.

Since the very start, this blog has reached 73.000 unique readers and has served 160.000 pages.


Quite soon, a new article will be posted here. And it might as well be yours!
Thank you all for your support, and don’t forget to subscribe, or follow me on twitter!

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Let's build a machine-learning community
In this blog post, I announce the opening of this blog to external authors. If you would like to help building a machine learning community by writing a guest post, don't hesitate to contact me!

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