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picsmall My name is Vincent Spruyt. I’m a machine learning and pattern recognition aficionado, data scientist, currently working as Chief Data Scientist at Sentiance. Working mostly on semi-supervised, self-adaptive and context-sensitive learning, big data and small data in high dimensional settings.

About 4 years go I finished my PhD research at the University of Ghent (Belgium), where I was mainly working on computer vision and intelligent video processing (object detection and tracking, classification, segmentation, etc.).

During my research I noticed that the academic community for some reason feels the need to explain methods and algorithms in a way that makes the authors appear as smart as possible. To make things worse, if a researcher does not comply to this unwritten rule, his papers are unlikely to ever be accepted for publication. As a result, academic literature is hardly accessible to programmers without a strong mathematical background.

Obviously the maths are important, but for many of us they are just a means to an end, and not a goal in itself. On this blog, I will regularly post thoughts, opinions, analyses, derivations and discussions related to computer vision and machine learning. My goal is to make this information as accessible as possible by providing code snippets, examples and background knowledge.


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  1. superneo77 says:

    luckily found this blog by chance and i truly appreciate your sharing of all these intellectual and helpful articles and resources online. plz keep posting your thoughts and opinions on things about intelligence so that all such complicated and academia-exclusive concepts and ideas can be more easily understood and applied to the real world.

  2. Jonas says:

    I find your texts very useful. Thanks, and keep posting!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Seems like a great blog! Kudos to you :)
    / a programmer without a strong mathematical background

  4. Mike Sperko says:

    Great blog, and I enjoy reading it. Vincent has a gift for explaining the complex.

  5. noname says:

    Super blog

  6. Rehan says:

    It was very nice of you explaining all these concepts..
    And I do agree that scientific papers and other resources have made the mathematical concepts hell difficult to understand for first time reader. Specially wikipedia is worst resource for understanding mathematical concepts.

    thanks a lot anyway.. and keep updating this blog.
    If my help in any form is required I will be happy to assist you.
    I am working in machine learning for EEG signals and I am also thinking about start writing such blog of what I understand from my area (though I know very little ;) )

  7. Thanks for a great blog!

  8. gc says:

    This site is awesome. Thanks so much. It is very helpful. Keep going!

  9. siyu says:

    Very insightful explanations! Thank u so much! Tried many websites and lengthy book chapters and found here most helpful!

  10. Dario says:

    Thank you! This blog is a lifesaver! Do keep ‘em coming!

  11. ashokharnal says:

    Excellent style of explaining for a young person like you!

  12. HMS says:

    Great job! Thank you!

  13. Alexander says:

    This mathematical paradigm *cough* circle jerk needs to driven out of the universities. I salute you.

  14. Prerna Das says:

    Excellent explanation of “Curse of Dimensionality”!!

  15. T. K. Prasad says:

    Very illuminating blogs!

  16. Lukas says:

    Thank you so much for your nice explanations. They are really helpful and very well presented.

  17. Michael Chung says:

    I just want to say your insights on the matter are just amazing thank you so much, we need more people like you =)

  18. Dan Nemrodov says:

    Thank you, Vincent. I am glad that I have found your blog, since you have a very nice and clear way of explaining mathematical concepts.

  19. Sukhraj says:

    Very nice explanations

  20. Sukhraj says:

    Please share a write up about Camera matrices, fundamental matrix etc.

  21. Sounak Dey says:

    Thank you so much and appreciate a fantastic effort

  22. saliha minhas says:

    Your explainations are excellent I have used them in my Phd thesis. Could you give me a reference to cite.

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